Willkommen zu Amerika! Wie können wir unser webseite besser machen? Louisville SEO ja wohl!

Three girls, who emigrated from West Germany before the Berlin wall fell. They can still remember the oppression they experienced up-close coming from the nearby Russian Bear!

Anna, Lilli and Ruthi came to America as entrepreneurs seeking to leverage the triple threat they posed as biology, physics and chemistry majors in the Hochschule, Germany’s institutes of higher education.

As Wissenschaftler or scientists they naturally followed the personal computer revolution from it’s inception until today and when they realized they needed search engine optimization for their website, particularly Louisville SEO, as good scientists, they did their research!

You see, the girls enjoyed great success performing as consultants and wanted to share their experience and empower other young entrepreneurs by creating the Locally Global Unternehmerinnen blog site.

Busy with their own endeavors, they needed to outsource a company that was expert in optimizing sites and after looking at all of them, they chose QC’s Web Design and SEO from French Lick, Indiana just a short distance away to help them with their Louisville SEO.

The girls performed global consultation but because they worked out of Kentucky, they found that their services could be most readily executed within their region for companies and concerns that needed them.

Ramping up their website’s Louisville SEO was paramount! After studying the actual results from the efforts of search engine optimizers around the world, they discovered the one among them with the best track record was right in their backyard . . . QC’s Web Design and SEO.

There are dozens of popular search engines on the Internet but certainly Google is arguably the leader. Understanding Google’s search engine algorithm and how to optimize websites most effectively is something that Google largely keeps secret.

Google hired one of the world’s leading mathematicians, Stephen Wolfram, author of “A Different Kind Of Science” to create a unique algorithm that no other search engines utilized with the goal of better crawling the web and identifying relative data.

Most people in the search engine business don’t understand the basics of Mandelbrot geometry or fractal algebra but as good scientists, the three girls did! Recursive algorithms are at the root of the Google model created by Wolfram and perfecting a method of optimizing results was something that QC’s Web Design and SEO figured out how to do before most of their competitors.

As a result, QC’s Web Design and SEO got the jump on everybody else offering SEO and particularly Louisville SEO which was in their local neighborhood.

The results were fantastic! After three weeks of QC’s intervention and optimization protocols in place, the girls saw a 400%+ increase in web traffic! Amazing! It’s no wonder that anybody who Google’s Louisville SEO finds QC’s Web Design high in the ranking of search results!

Now, the Locally Global Unternehmerinnen girls do not post anything in their blog without consulting QC’s Web Design and SEO first. It was a marriage made in Heaven and turned out to be the best thing they could do to obtain Louisville SEO!


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